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About Us

Borderland Bail Bonds was established in 2000 by Tony Muñoz. During this time, there were approximately 13 other established bail bond companies in the Paso del Norte area serving as direct competition with their newest rival. After half a decade of continued hard work and excellent customer service, Borderland Bail Bonds managed to become the premier El Paso bond company.

Today, Borderland Bail Bonds continues to serve as the number one bond company in the area. Tomorrow and in the future, the company will continue to provide the excellent service which has helped it become the number one bonding company in El Paso.

Who is Tony Muñoz?

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Tony Muñoz is a proud Eastwood High School alumnus and former Coast Guardsman. After serving four years in the United States Coast Guard, Tony returned home to El Paso to begin a new life as a business entrepreneur.

Since the beginning of his career, Tony began a number of successful ventures including a nightclub, trucking company and gourmet restaurant, all of which he maintained for a number of years before moving on to his next business adventure.

Throughout the time he was developing these businesses, he also built and established Borderland Bail Bonds. Over the years, he strived for excellent customer service and to be positioned as the number one bail bond company in El Paso, Texas.

Over a decade later, Borderland Bail Bonds continues to be the premier bail bond powerhouse in El Paso, Texas and throughout the entire West Texas region.

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