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Been Arrested? Borderland Bail Bonds. Solve Your Problems with a Simple Phone Call.

Borderland Bail Bonds is the most experienced and established bail bond company in the El Paso, Texas area. You can count on Borderland Bail Bonds for professional, confidential and swift assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our professional agents are skilled in the industry standards and surpass the competition in providing the expert help you need.

At Borderland Bail Bonds, we offer the highest bail bond service in the Paso del Norte region. We take pride in the fact that we can handle all types of charges and bail amounts, from misdemeanors to high bail amounts of $50,000 or higher. In addition to covering all areas in and out of El Paso, Texas, we provide bonding services to anyone throughout the country.

If a friend or loved one is in need of bail bond services, and you would like to get him or her out as quickly as possible, don't hesitate. Call us now to receive immediate and confidential assistance from one of our licensed agents.


El Paso something new to Borderland Bail bonds. If you or your loved one has an outstanding criminal warrant and are fearful of that dreadful knock on your front door at 5 in the morning and the stress of being embarrassed in front of your neighbors, call us we can help. We can take you through a different kind of process and have your warrant erased within 15 minutes, our agents are standing by to take your call. Don't let the law dictate when you get arrested. We will be glad to have you back with your family or loved ones and get you back to work.

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Been Arrested? Our professional bail bondsmen can provide the expert help you need.

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